the mary janes


released on july 6, 1999, record no. 1 is a bit of a mary janes retrospective to date.

recording began in march of 1996. however, due to various unforeseen circumstances, it took three years for these nine songs to see release.

the band continues to tour regionally in support of the release. if they don't hit your town, look for them in the spring after a brief winter break.

the musicians
janas hoyt: guitars, piano, percussion and vocals
caroline balfe: violin
kathy kolata: violin, viola
glenn hicks: bass, vocals
mitch harris: drums
kurt squire: harmonica
mark maher: bass
jana wampler: drums
geraldine haas: cello
jamey reid: drums
john strohm: acoustic guitar on never felt betterand organ on what a friend
dennis scoville: pedal steel guitar on what a friend

engineered by mark maher and john strohm at echo park, bloomington, indiana. mixed by mark maher and paul mahern at echo park, and craig schumacher at wavelab, tucson arizona. mastered by dave shirk at sonorous sounds, phoenix arizona. additional mastering by jacob belser at farm fresh productions, bloomington, indiana.
produced by janas hoyt


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