the mary janes

…The never-sought missing link between the Velvet Underground and Lonesome Jubilee-era John Mellencamp…   Mark Jordan, Memphis Flyer, Memphis, TN

…Hoyt has the outsized rock 'n roll spirit of a young Lou Reed or Bruce Springsteen…   David Lindquist, Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN

…a virtual encyclopedia of all that is noble in so-called rock music…
Steve Hammer, Nuvo Newsweekly, Indianapolis, IN

This offshoot of the Vulgar Boatmen was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen, period…   Bill Wyman, to the Austin American Statesman, Austin, TX

Janas Hoyt is clearly a voice of the future…   Tom Laskin, Isthmus, Madison, WI

…Alejandro Escovedo's school of Velvet Underground country, Hoyt sometimes sounds like no one so much as Chrissie Hynde with a twang…
Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader, Chicago, IL

…a high lonesome sound that owes as much to the Velvet Underground as it does to Hank Williams.   Tom Dunphy, The Irish Voice, New York City

…if Peter Buck and John Cale backed Dylan in the late 70's…
Luke'Zine, Leicester, UK

Record No. 1 is a pop album of harrowing textures…
Roy Kasten, The Riverfront Times, St. Louis, MO

Record No. 1 is an unprepossessing gem - entrancingly subdued, empty of postmodern posturing, filled instead with older, and, some would say, better things: Beauty, ambition and something like grace.   Bill Wyman,

…pop bordering on classical music similar to the Silos Cuba and Dylan's Desire…   Scott Holter, Seattle Weekly, Seattle, WA

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