the mary janes


when the mary janes aren't in the basement making noise, you might find them around here...

  • justice hoyt westcott
    big time baby fun with the #1 mary janes fan

  • echo park studios, owned by mark hood and mike wanchic, among those who have recorded here are the mary janes, the bottle rockets, lisa germano and john mellencamp

  • farm fresh productions, a very cool studio located just inside the hoosier national forest

  • john p strohm, rock and roll honky tonk guitar man... john played a big hand in getting record no. 1 started and has a new record on flat earth, vestavia

  • ira robbins' trouser press, the most comprehensive reviews of alternative music you will find anywhere

  • kurt's plethora of pages... a.k.a. kratty's virtual home.
    learn all you ever want to know about harmonicas and instructional systems technology.

  • The i-ching,
    throw the coins and receive a reading on-line

there are also a few bands we like that you should check out.

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