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7/4/98 lilith fair, deer creek, indianapolis

thanks to a timely phone call from beth bueltmann at sunshine promotions , the maryjanes had the sudden good fortune of playing the lilith fair at deer creek, indianapolis. the festival took place on the fourth of july, with the weather, performers and those in attendance in rare form.

attention to detail at this event was impeccable--we have never witnessed anything like it. from the moment we arrived till the moment we left, we were welcomed with a rare kind of inclusion and fundamental grace from security staff through the amazingly organized lilith personnel, the mainstage artists, and finally, sarah herself, who invited us to join in for the finale, marvin gaye's "what's goin on?."

it was a bit dreamy, the fireworks coming down afterward, the starry night, the faces of all of the people sharing an enchantment, all wanting the same thing: to be unified and transformed, even if just for a moment.

"one need only observe the focus of a gathering of people to understand the conditions of all beings in the universe."   - i ching, book of changes

a video clip from the performance.

be careful
quicktime video ~1.4mb

imagine our surprise when we found this on the lilith website

freda in the middle,
and janas to the right

(...from the lilith fair media diaries)

saturday, july 4, 1998, indianapolis, indiana

well, i am as near my hometown of bloomington as i'm gonna get. i ran into a few people i used to know who didn't know i left in the first place! the first act on the village stage was a pleasant surprise. as i was setting up my shot to film the mary janes, i realized that i recognized several of the people roaming around wearing "artist" laminates. after saying hello to sophia, i found out they were all playing in the band. it turned out to be a sort of reunion/re-acquaintance event.

it was really neat to catch up and see familiar faces from home involved with lilith. not only that, they were really quite good. i enjoyed their music. they were having a great time later when i ran into them again in catering. sarah mcLachlan had invited them to do the grand finale of "what's going on?" with everyone on mainstage. I took some nice photos of that. the end of the show tonight also brought a spectacular fireworks show which everyone in the audience sat still for. i guess it was a pretty great 4th of july.

jennifer rafalski

janas and
natalie merchant

the above two photos and diary entry were borrowed from the lilith website

the mary janes and jane scarpantoni

a few photos from the day

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