the mary janes

from the liner notes...

this record was made, much like the last one, over the course of time with the help of everyone on it, and a few people behind the scenes. there is a deep abiding factor in common with both works that is also common to the community in which we live, and that is an honest love for music and the bond that it creates amongst friends. everyone on this recording has graciously given their time and expertise, and for that i am privileged once again to offer my most humble thanks.

live music in culture is an extension of what was known in the past as oral tradition. it is a way that we communicate and share our commonalities. when we cease to engage each other, we risk losing a bit more of our most precious resource, our humanity. by purchasing records from independent artists, and mainly, by going out to see them in your town, not only do you directly enable them to carry on their work, you also enhance your own community. we'd like to thank you personally for buying this record, and encourage you to get out and support your local music scene....


flame is a flat earth records release. and i must say, we're very happy to be working with these fine folks...     the first sessions for flame were recorded late in 1998 just prior to the release of the first record. janas and the band recorded 10 songs during these sessions in our basement on rented ADAT equipment. eight more songs followed in may of 2000.
photo: marc j. tschida these final sessions were recorded at farm fresh studios by jacob belser. farm fresh is an amazing studio hidden away out near the hoosier national forest, here in bloomington.

along with janas and heather, several mary janes past and present guested on the album.

the musicians
heather craig: violin
megan weeder: violin
kathy kolata: violin / viola
mark minnick: drums
dan hunt: bass
mitch getz: guitar
dennis scoville: pedal steel
kurt squire: harmonica
toby myers: lap steel
matt speake: slide guitar
jamey reid: drums
mark robinson: slide guitar
dan dolan: bass
sophia travis: accordion
jason wilber: slide guitar
kevin george smith: mandolin
jim roll: banjo
janas hoyt: guitars, vocals
recorded by janas at her house and jake belser at farm fresh. mixed at farm fresh studios by jake belser. mastered at SAE Mastering by roger seibel. additional mastering by jacob belser at
farm fresh studios, bloomington, indiana.

produced by janas hoyt     co-produced by jacob belser

photo: brian helton photo: matt ghio photo: andy storms


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