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flame is set for release on 3/20/01 on flat earth records.

spring 2001 will see the release of the much anticipated follow-up, flame, on flat earth records. once again, hoyt delivers a cycle of songs that delve deeply into the heart and soul of a woman who is both struggling with loss and celebrating the redemption of truth. opening with the hopeful junie moon, 'morning comes, to those who wait', hoyt later apprises twice of the unspeakable - first in bruises and breaks, 'she crept out through the back, with a six-gun on her back' and then again in Subtract the Night 'women cry and women fall, and you might as well be the cause of it all', before closing with a near anthemic version of tom petty's free girl now.

record no. 1

record no. 1 was released on 7/6/99.
three years, fourteen musicians, four studios, three cities and nine songs... record no. 1 was recorded primarily in bloomington at echo park, engineered by mark maher (mysteries of life) and john strohm (antenna, lemonheads). produced by janas hoyt.


december 2000, the christmas single

december 2000, was a handpressed release, limited to 175 copies. a two song cd-single including a cover of run rudolph run, as well as a track from the forthcoming full-length release flame.

telescope / baby honey

the telescope single was recorded at sonic iguana studios in lafayette, indiana on a cold winter day in 1994. at the time, the studio was about the size of your mom's kitchen and if you walked out the front door you had to watch out for oncoming trains... no kidding.

janas and kathy recorded both tracks in less than a day with paul mahern (lisa germano, mysteries of life, john mellencamp) producing. the single garnered great press, receiving positive reviews in both billboard magazine and CMJ.

acoustic harvest: firehouse mix #1

released 12/02, in celebration of WFHB radio's tenth anniversary. a stellar line-up of local folks appear on this cd, including tom roznowski, carrie newcomer, jason wilber, tim grimm and many more... janas hoyt contributes "the endless thread" a' cappella.

chooglin': a tribute to the songs of john fogerty

released in june 2002, this one's another fine tribute from niall hood at dren records. the mary janes contribute bad moon rising. among the other artists are eric ambel, western electric, frog holler, star city and 12 more.

miles of music says... "The performers take a variety of approaches to these classic Fogerty tunes and the results are quite impressive. Meredith Ochs and the Damn Lovelys put a dreamy spin to "Hey Tonight", while John Jorgenson paints "Lookin' Out My Back Door" with a bit of bluegrass. Gingersol slows down and fuzzes out "Up Around The Bend" and The Mary Janes transforms "Bad Moon Rising" into a haunting ballad."

the stiff generation: if it ain't stiff, it ain't worth a tribute

a tribute album to classic songs released on stiff records. the mary janes contribute a cover of the elvis costello tune alison. to be released in may, 2002 on groove disques. also appearing are matthew sweet, amy rigby, bill lloyd, nixon's head and 12 more.

rockin' at the barn, volume 3

released by sweden's dusty records in october, 2001. rockin' at the barn is the label's third collection of roots rock tracks. the mary janes contributed a plaintive re-recording of baby honey. among the other artists are the lonesome trailers and eric blakely.

papa nez: a loose salute to the work of michael nesmith

a tribute album that recognizes the songwriting and arranging of michael nesmith's career as both a solo artist and as a member of the monkees. the mary janes contribute prarie lullaby to the tribute. released in april, 2001 on dren records, also appearing are sixty acres, frog holler, sid griffin, meredith ochs and 14 others.

live from bloomington 2000

released in march, 2000, the mary janes contributed better way to the compilation.

15 area bands are featured on the annual release, with proceeds benefiting a local food bank.

real: the tom t. hall project

a notable, 17-track, tribute to the songwriting of tom t. hall. released in december 1998 on sire records. the mary janes contribute the track i'm not ready yet. also contributing tracks are johnny cash, richard buckner, kelly willis, calexico, whiskeytown, ron sexsmith, freedy johnston and ralph stanley among others.

billboard magazine says: the mary janes convert "i'm not ready yet" into a sultry barroom blues.

i'm not ready yet

live from bloomington 1997

released in the spring of 1997, the mary janes contributed never felt better to the live from bloomington cd.

15 area bands are featured on this record, with proceeds benefiting a local food bank.

howl ...a farewell compilation of unreleased songs

the howl cd, was released in 1995. howl was a very cool german rock 'zine published by thomas lasarzik.

janas and kathy recorded the mary janes track, downtown, live in the living room straight to dat. also featured on the record are tracks by victoria williams, vic chesnutt, the mountain goats, sid griffin, joe henry, steve wynn, the silos and giant sand among others.



janas appears on these releases.

the shiners, 2002 release on planetary records, see rock city. janas contributes vocals to dixie's lullaby. the shiners are good folks based in the heart of the confederacy... richmond, virginia.

lola, a side project that janas and several ex-mary janes have been involved with released an ep on flat earth records. one day featured gretchen holtz (sugarfreak), freda love (mysteries of life, ex-mary janes), janas hoyt (the mary janes), sophia travis (ex-mary janes), kathy kolata (ex-mary janes, ex-vulgar boatmen) and kenny childers (mysteries of life).

walter salas-humara recently released, radar. the record features a rewrite of the mary janes song, part of me now entitled rejuvenation. janas also contributes harmony vocals on the track.

vocals are also contributed to the john mellencamp releases, trouble no more, rough harvest and john mellencamp.

very fine local folk artist, beth lodge-rigal, followed up her debut record with dreamtable. janas contributed vocals to a couple of songs.

the crooked county debut includes vocal performances from janas as well as ex-mary janes drummer mark minnick.

throw that beat, is a german band signed to emi. janas sings harmonies and contributes backing vocals throughout superstar. lastly, vocals were also contributed to antenna's first album, sway.


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