wish i could fly

wish i could fly on an aeroplane, doodoodoodoo
fly to your side on an aeroplane, doodoodoodoo
baby nothing seems right without you here

my world has lost its light without you here
and i could die of fright without you here

wish i could sail across the seas, doodoodoodoo
i'd sail you home, home to me, doodoodoodoo
when you hold my hand my heart is truly set free
and there's a beautiful world, and it's raining
beauty on me

wish i could drive, i'd rent a car
it wouldn't matter, matter how far
baby i would go to the end of the world for you
yeah, i'd pawn my soul, i'd put my life on hold for you
and i will always be right here waiting for you


written by janas hoyt, copyright © 1998, janas hoyt music, bmi

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