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an affecting collection of strong melodies and stronger emotions, flame lets guitar feedback grow amid rustic folk and uses both pedal steel and accordion without drifting towards nashville or new orleans.

the second full-length cd  ...  $14 postpaid unprepossessing gem -- entrancingly subdued, empty of postmodern posturing, filled instead with older and, some would say, better things: beauty, ambition and something like grace.

bill wyman,

the full-length debut cd   ...   $11 postpaid

from 1994  ...  still copies left
7-inch vinyl single  ...  $4 postpaid

flame promotional poster
black & white on heavy stock
12.5 x 17 inches

$5 postpaid

if it ain't stiff... -- a tribute album to classic songs released on stiff records. the mary janes contribute a cover of the elvis costello tune alison. released in july, 2002 on groove disques. also appearing are matthew sweet, amy rigby, bill lloyd, nixon's head and 12 more.

$12 postpaid

chooglin' -- released in june 2002, as a tribute to john fogerty's creedence-era songs. the mary janes contribute bad moon rising. among the other artists are eric ambel, western electric, frog holler, star city and 12 more.

$12 postpaid

papa nez, a loose salute -- a tribute album that recognizes the songwriting and arranging of michael nesmith's career as both a solo artist and as a member of the monkees. the mary janes contribute prairie lullaby to the tribute. released in april, 2001 on dren records, also appearing are sixty acres, frog holler, sid griffin, meredith ochs and 14 others.

$12 postpaid

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