bands we like

many cool bands in town are not to be missed.
among them are friends and neighbors of the mary janes.

crooked county

fronted by toby purnell and featuring kurt squire, the hottest harmonica player this side of nashville, crooked county has recently released one of the best records to come out of bloomington in the last two years. in my book, these guys lie right near the top of the very high insurgent country heap. one listen to the song whiskey burns will stop you dead in your tracks.

think steve earle, early uncle tupelo and ralph stanley and you'll be headed in the right direction. toby purnell and crooked county are an upstart band to watch.

the mary janes' janas hoyt and mark minnick both appear on crooked county's debut cd.

whiskey in the winter whiskey burns

you can get your copy of crooked county's debut cd from big kid records

jason wilber

an accomplished singer songwriter with a resume' that includes stints with john prine and hal ketchum. we're big fans of jason and his first record, lost in your hometown (and we're not the only ones...)

"wilber's songs are infectious, combining country, rock and folk elements to create some truly unique americana music."    - the gavin report

"... many of the same pleasures as chris isaak's best work."    - amplifier magazine.

you can buy jason's debut cd from big kid records

beth lodge-rigal

beth's debut release follow me was released in 1997. an amazing voice singing beautiful songs. a singer/songwriter well worth your time, check her out. many folks from town appear on the record, including carrie newcomer. you can find out how to get a copy by contacting beth.

live from bloomington

the 1997 live from bloomington cd featured the mary janes and 14 other local bands. proceeds from the sale of the cd go to the hoosier hills food bank.

the bloomington voice had this to say about the mary janes track, never felt better...

"Redemption comes when you're at your lowest, so no wonder the Mary Janes sound upbeat despite the sad tale of the lyrics. Bright guitar sound and 6/8 time sweep in Janas Hoyt's sweet voice. One listen and you'll be hooked."

...and marc allan at the indianapolis star calls it "fine alternative country".

el niņo

power pop. loud guitars, big drums, and a guy who can really sing. what more do you want to know ?

glenn hicks co-produced their self-titled debut record on flat earth with paul mahern and polara's ed ackerson. of late, they have signed with interscope europe and were a featured act at the 1998 reading festival.

el niņo


mysteries of life

mysteries of life are jake, freda, lonpaul, kenny and dale. MoL recently released their second record for RCA. this release, as well as two b-side compilation ep's on flat earth are worth searching out.

if you dig the vulgar boatmen and the now-defunct antenna, go see these guys and buy their record...  just because you ought to.

fortunately for everyone else, all the cool bands do not yet live in bloomington.
here are a couple who haven't moved back here yet...

gentle readers

gentle readers

two girls and two boys, living in atlanta. Miss Di's House of Chicken says... ""The comparisons made to Indigo Girls make me cringe, but never having listened to an Indigo Girls record, I'm not sure why this is. The Feelies comparison really hits home though--it's got the same poppy yet distant feel, the same undertone of something more complicated going on but you're not being buffaloed by fancy production that's really just covering up for something that isn't there.

the most recent gentle readers record, you in black and white, is available from flat earth records.

the vulgar boatmen

last, but not least. if there was ever a band to have recorded live in 1993, this is it. those of us who saw the shows still hear drive somewhere in our dreams. it is no small crime that the boatmen remain a band without a label.

the boatmen have three albums under their belts. the latest, opposite sex is awaiting an american release.

someday, dale will sell records, the touring band will receive the credit they deserve and everyone else will be humming mary jane.


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